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The world has clearly shrunk. Nowadays it is not a problem that your dental treatment would take place in a country other than yours. Our clinic offers its patients not only extremely cost-competitive treatment but also will help you to organise your stay in Poland. Our employees will also show you the most beautiful places on the map of Krakow and its surrounding area. Your visit at our clinic can be a great opportunity to explore Krakow.

For our foreign patients we have prepared special packages, which may include according to their needs e.g. plane, insurance and hotel room booking. On our website you will find all the necessary information that will help you to decide to start your treatment right here.

A dental implant, which on the West costs about 1 900 EUR, at our clinic can be already inserted for around 900 EUR. In addition, our dental services are under longer guarantee period than in any other clinic, in some cases even 20 years.

How to start? See how your stay in Krakow and Luxdentica can look like.

Step 1 - You are on our website.

Read through all of the information on the webiste. Check how does our Clinic look like, familiarise with our offer and compare the prices.

Step 2 - Contact us.

You have several options. You can send us an email, call, ask a question via Facebook or Messenger (we will call you back, our epmloyees speak English).

Step 3 - Search and book your flight.

Once you have all the information you have to make a decision and check flights on: or

Step 4 - Confirm your arrival.

You send us all the details of your flights, and we arrange the time for your arrival and treatment.

Step 5 - Arrive and enjoy your stay.

Once at the airport, our taxi driver will drive you to the hotel, which we booked according to your standards and preferred prices.

Step 6 - Come for a consultation

Once in our clinic, during initial consultations, we shall draw up your detailed treatment plan, you will get to know our personnel who will then be treating you and you shall become familiar with the surroundings to come back at a later date and begin your treatment.



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