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Global Clinic Rating

Global Clinic Rating is a prestigious independent organization which evaluates dental clinics from around the world, thus creating an international ranking of dental surgeries. According to GCR, Luxdentica is the best clinic in Krakow.

The GCR ranking is based on the assessment of international experts. They check the standards in a given clinic, quality of service, contact with the Patient, experience of its specialists, appearance and equipment, and they verify this knowledge with strict requirements necessary to obtain the GCR accreditation.

We are very pleased to announce that our clinic has been accredited by the Global Clinic Rating, and its experts have recognized Luxdentica as the best dental surgery in Krakow.


Such an accreditation means that our clinic is on the list of the best dental practices not only in Poland, but also in the world. The GCR ranking is based on 126,000 dental clinics from all over the world.

The patient who chooses our clinic can be sure that its standards, level of treatment, as well as the quality of services are at the highest world level.

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„100% success”


Starting implant treatment with us, you are always under „100% success” guarantee – it means that we take full responsibility for the implant process.





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