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Starting implant treatment with us, you are always under „100% success” guarantee – it means that we take full responsibility for the implant process.

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How to start the treatment at Luxdentica?

Step 1
you are on our website
Step 1

Here you will find all the necessary information that might help you make a decision to start the treatment at Luxdentica.

Step 2
contact us
Step 2

If you have any questions about the treatment at Luxdentica, please do not hesitate to call us or send your enquiry. We do speak English.

Step 3
search and book your flight
Step 3

After the decision has been made, it is time for logistics – book your flight and find out what can you do in Krakow beside the treatment. Ask us.

Step 4
confirm your arrival
Step 4

Call or send us an email to let us know when would you like to come to Krakow. If you have any difficulties related to your trip, tell us about it and we will help you!

Step 5
arrive and enjoy your stay
Step 5

Krakow is a beautiful city with a very rich and long history. It will certainly captivate you with its unusual enchantment and monuments.

Step 6
come for a consultation
Step 6

Once in Luxdentica, during initial consultations, we shall draw up your detailed treatment plan and you will get to know our personnel.

What our patients say about us?

Read reviews from our patients

What our patients say about  us?

By the agency of my friends I learned that in Krakow I can find excellent dental services. This is how I came to Luxdentica and I was not disappointed. The flight from Stockholm to Krakow lasts only 2 hours and a high level of service does not diverge from the one of the best clinic in Sweden. I am very satisfied with their dental service and I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Brita Eriksson from Halmstad

With the naked eye you can see that Poland has changed. Services, public transport, roads, everything is on the European level. Also dental treatment. My friend persuaded me to come to Krakow, who comes from Poland but he lives in France. He underwent treatment at Luxdentica. I am glad that I came here. I am very pleased with the results of my dental treatment. Moreover, I visited Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Michael Pourbaix from Vichy

I know that in Poland it is rumoured that we are a thrifty nation. Indeed, the treatment here is much cheaper than in my country. However, this is not the only reason I have decided to start the treatment at Luxdentica. I was captivated by its atmosphere. The entire staff is always very kind and helpful for the patients. The doctors clearly discuss the course of the treatment. No stress, let alone financial stress.

Martin Boyle from Edynburgh

In recent years, the health service in the UK is going through a crisis. You have to wait for the treatment and the costs are almost twice higher than in Poland. Therefore I have decided to come to Poland and I do not regret it. Standards, employees and equipment are even better than in England, and the prices for the service are considerably lower”.

John Fosher from Manchester

Get to know Krakow with us

Auschwitz - German Nazis concentration camp

70 km from the clinic
by car - 60 minutes
sightseeing time - min. 4 hours
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